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Dear My

Site announcements.


I lost my domain rpm.li, but I got zsh.li instead. Did you know that the dot li domains has to be renew 15 days before the expiration date?

The blog was moved from pinkhat.rpm.li to pinkhat.zsh.li

Also cat.rpm.li was moved to cat.princesa.company and the public link shortener was removed.

The Screenshot in https://pinkhat.zsh.li gallery was removed and will be included again in a more traditional way.

The home page is now very minimalist and includes links for all sites.

I tried to include bitcoin based advertisement, but I didn't liked because it makes the load of the sites slower, Advertisement it's like politics and religion, polemic.

Lately I been working in increasing the efficiency of the site instead of creating content, but there will be new posts and content soon.