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Getting ip from radio streaming station


First of all you may use directory.shoutcast.com for getting the ip and port that may change over the time.

However using this method I wasn't able to search any working vocaloid station, so I searched it in my favorite search engine and found this online vocaloid radio site: vocaloidradio,, however despite of using the developers tools in the web browser I wasn't able to find the streaming station IP, this javascripts radio players are getting smarter over time for hiding the source IP.

The most surprising is that the servers are using a free technology for streaming, icecast, however the fronted is privative and includes advertisement. So even if the web browser is not showing me the ip, I had an idea, I would use a package instrospection tool if that is the right name, I used iptraf-ng in Linux for monitoring in realtime all the ips with the DNS revolver enabled and found this url: http://curiosity.shoutca.st:8019/. This is the icecast webserver page. Here I was able to download the right port of this streaming service since this software is free.

This is helpful because I like to use streamripper to download the music I'm listen to because I believe in sharing.