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Gentoo december issues


Dear diary, today I booted up my computer with Gentoo as I wanted to update the kernel and others packages; however when I wanted to update the kernel source code there was a lot of dependencies for only the Linux kernel —It is kinda surprisingly—:

As usual, ICU was blocking my updates and tries of packages installations, also it seemed that ncurses was blocking the update too (I hadn’t seen this before)

However, because I updated my mesa drivers, Gentoo was luckily unlocked as it upgraded 108 packages.

Finally I had another problem with Ruby and Python because Gentoo was using the old versions, so I removed them as this topic suggested:


Also I learned a very useful trick about the console, how to avoid that the shell logs an specific command, just add this to your ~/.bashrc file and that’s all.


So when you do not want Linux to log a command just type an space before the command and after the prompt, and ready!