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Recoloring icons to pink


I am still using Linux Deepin, I found it interesting that Linux Deepin includes the Flattr icons by default, however the folder icons are green and It didn’t combined at all, I wanted them to be pink, and so for the first time I achieved to automatically change the colors using a command:

Original icons:

Updated icons

cd /usr/share/icons/flattr/places/64/ sudo for p in folder* ; do convert "$p" +level-colors red, "$p" ; done cd /usr/share/icons/flattr/places/16 sudo for p in folder* ; do convert "$p" +level-colors red, "$p" ; done


The system icons location is /usr/share/icons/flattr , in the places subfolder is located all folders icons wich are available in two different sizes: 16×16 and 64×64. Thus /usr/share/icons/flattr/places/64/ stands for 64×64 sized icons and /usr/share/icons/flattr/places/16 stands for 16×16 icons.

As them are system locations we need to use sudo; in the second and forth line the color of icons are changed from green to pink with the execution of a loop, i.e. using the for command. The for command syntax is similar to this: for a variable in a string ; do something, done ; our variable of course is the letter p and our string is the regex folder* ; our something are the special commands for transform the pictures:

Convert is the cli of the well-know image-magick, the following is the command used for transform each picture: