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Dear My

Recompiled Virtualbox

Today I recompiled VirtualBox, I used to use the latest VirtualBox version but my computer hanged out, so I installed the Stable Version. Now I’m using 16GB of RAM so I need new ideas about how to use it. I’m doing fine tough, it is pretty comfortable for doing everything c:

Gentoo kernels

I’m supposedly uninstalling old kernels! and I realized out that I shouldn’t simply delete the /usr/src linux directories D: but is not a big deal

Tomorrow I want to get back the original gentoo sources kernel instead the aufs kernel

Fuse and kernel

Fuse is not loading? I gonna try recompile the kernel after, this is weird but I just sticked a long time with the same kernel, so I can not help but so I could go back to my last stable kernel This is the last time I use a non Stable Linux Kernel >:c

I installed Avclam to clean a memory drive for Windows

Suspend function gone!

Yesterday I updated the kernel and the TTY and the suspend function had gone D: